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*This is the first Firearms retail web site in Australia and
went live in 2003 and I haven't changed it much since then.

Yes, its a horrible, dodgy looking site that's intended to run as simply as possible
on older systems, hence no whistles and bells like drop down menus and
flashy graphics etc, it's a real internet "dinosaur" and that's just the way I like it.

Everyone is welcome to use my photos for educational purposes,
however please give credit where its due.
If you need them for commercial reasons please ask permission first as
the contents of this site are copy written.

All guns are stored with another dealer
under secure 24/7 guard at another location.

Most "NEW" firearms are rarely kept in
stock but are easily ordered on request though
I have a few
irearms on hand from importers.

All comings and goings of people and vehicles are
remote monitored and recorded 24/7

All transactions for firearms and their parts are bound by the
relevant state and commonwealth laws.


I run this business to the absolute letter of the law!
If you're stupid enough to contact me trying
to obtain firearms, ammunition
parts and accessories illegally be warned,
I log all those calls and
e-mails and pass them on to the Police!
(Also police sometimes covertly monitor communications as well...)
I've invested too much into this business to
risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

If you're interested in taking up the sport or need some advice or have
an unregistered firearm of any type, (even semi-auto etc) or old ammunition etc you don't
know what to do with, by all means call me and I'll happily and confidentially point you in the right direction.

Before we do any business please read.

Please Read
My Sales Policy.
Buying, Selling, Warrantees & All That Stuff.
Everything you want to know about RPG but were afraid to ask!

 If you purchase, sell or trade any item with RPG
 you acknowledge and are in full agreement
with all my sales policies
99% of people are great and really easy to do business with and
I will always do my very best to help you get everything
you want quickly and at a fair price!

This is for the other 1%

Before we do any business please read.

  What does it all mean Bob?

             NEW                                           AS NEW         
A new gun, in it's box with all                           Second hand but unfired              
              accessories and unfired                                   or fired very few shots,                
  except for the usual factory testing.                no marks on stock and barrel etc

  FAIR/GOOD/VERY GOOD                         RATTY                  
     Guns still in sound shooting condition            Worn out, world weary and well used, or
                 Some usage marks on stock and           Shit House! Tomato stake! Snapper sinker! Crap!
                barrel to varying degrees.                   "Put the poor bloody thing out of it's misery!"
  They still should have plenty of life in them.      Not for shooting, wall hanger or parts only!

I source all my NEW firearms from the recognized
Australian agents who can offer factory warranties etc.
I do not deal with dodgy "Gray" or "Parallel" importers!

My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating
dollar and sometimes my clumsiness, it's always a good idea to get an updated quote.

Pictures of NEW guns are often only examples and there may be variations
in finish, sights, grips, serial numbers and accessories etc.

Sorry I don't stock powder, primers, ammunition, gun parts or spares.

What’s new Bob?
MAUSER 98 by FN .30-06
Some sporterized military's are very rattily done but this is a reasonably good job.
The wood is clean and smooth, metal work seems to be rust free but with a couple of
scratches, bolt handle has been amateurishly turned and shaved down to
accommodate the scope. It has a proper sporter floor plate and trigger guard installed,
barrel is dark but with plenty of sharp rifling and it's topped with an illuminated
3-9x40EG scope in Leopold rings on a steel bridge mount. All in all not to bad a
job, you can shoot it as is, re-barrel it or salvage the action--$395
Go to Rifles for more.

FAS 603 .32SWL

A highly competitive semi-auto center fire in top condition, comes with bag--$1495
Go to Pistols for more.

MIROKU "Sterling" 101 12g

This safe queen has seen very little use and is in top-notch condition!
It has glassy 3/4 & 1/4 choked 30" barrels, 14.5" Lop ding free wood and finish--$1165
Go to Shotguns for more.

GAMO "G-1200" .177
This unusual 1980s vintage pump-action gun is lots of fun! Load up its mag with eight .177
flat-nose short pellets and no tin can, paper target or starling is safe, its a real
shooting collectors item! It use 12 gram Co2 gas cartridge, comes with bag--$265
Go to Collectors for more.

All Gun Prices Include Postage To Your Dealer
Anywhere In Australia

Free Storage If You're Waiting For Your PTA!
*If you are in WA we might need to use a courier as dealers cannot receive firearms through Aust post.

Ti's better to have loved and lost
than spend the rest of you're life wanking!

Go to The thoughts of chairman Bob for more

Do you have a gun or militaria that's Surplus to your needs?
Did granddad forget to drop into the Q store before rejoining Civie street?
Perhaps there's a gun, ammunition or militaria stuck in the shed or buried away that
you forgot about or probably shouldn't have around any more?
Regardless of type, calibre, make, category (A, B, C, D, H) or even if it's not
registered, give me a call and lets see if we can register it or turn it into $$$
Confidentiality guaranteed.
PHONE: (02) 99705872   MOB: 0413996795
(N.B. I rarely buy guns outright but put them on consignment and will pay you immediately once they are sold.)

"A man can be happy with any woman as
long as he does not over cook her..."

9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

PHONE: (02) 99705872
MOB: 0413996795

Please read or at least skim my sales policy to make things easier for all and please take note,
If I don't answer within 24 hours it usually means I'm waiting for
a response from an importer or my PC has gone "Phutttt!"


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