If you don't see what you want I can get it in.

MPG "Fast Shooting"
Pfft! I can do this, but I don't want to...

"NEW" Firearms are rarely kept in
stock but are easily ordered on request.
All second hand guns are  stored with another dealer
under secure 24/7 guard at another location.

All comings and goings of people and vehicles are
remote monitored and recorded 24/7

If you're stupid enough to contact me trying to obtain a firearms, parts or accessories illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass them on to the Police!
I've invested to much into this business to risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

My Sales Policy.
If you purchase any item from RPG you are in full agreement with
all my sales policies. Remember, my shop, my rules...


My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating 
dollar and sometimes my clumsiness, it's always
a good idea to get an updated quote.

Pictures of "NEW" guns are examples only and there may be variations
in finish, sights, grips, serial numbers and accessories etc.



BROWNING BUCKMARK "CONTOUR" .22 NEW A top first gun not to heavy not to light. Great for standard match, silhouette
or sport pistol etc.  Comes with scope rail to add optics, bag and instructions---$1265

COLT 1911 .22 NEW
There's nothing like a Colt, even if there made by Walther... High quality 1911 type rimfire pistols!
Government 1911--$1125   "Rail Gun"--$1165 Gold Cup--$1195   Extra shot 10 Mags--$85ea

FN "Special" .22 FAIR A firearm of great old world charm, lovingly crafted somewhere in the mystical outback of our great Australian continent!
From the elegant sweep of its custom made grip to the delicate hand tooling of the rawhide holster this is a rare jewel of the rustic gun makers art, a true
joy to behold, a precious item only the most discerning of collectors would appreciate.
Would I lie, trust me, I'm a gun dealer...
Ok! Ok! It's a clapped out old FN .22 rifle that some Cocky some where made into a pistol!---$95  
WARNING! Before you rampage gleefully towards your old rifles with hacksaw in hand be aware that the powers that be frown mightily upon people
shortening firearms, so unless you want to end up playing mammas and poppers with Jamal and Crusher at one of her majesties fine holiday homes for
wayward citizens, make sure you have a pistol licence (Cat H) and that the gun is reregistered as such and always check with your states firearms registry
and believe me claiming that you were only making, "Contemporary Australiana" won't cut it with the Beak!

FAS 6007 .22 NEW Reimagined and reengineered the new FAS 6007 has come a long way. This top class standard pistol comes fully cased with
all accessories and instructions etc--$2665

FEINWERKBAU AW 93 .22 NEW All who shoot the AW swear by them, just brilliant! Light or heavy models--$3665   Example pic
Glock 44 .22 NEW--$1025

GSG 1911 "Rail Gun" .22 VERY GOOD! A little used, full sized 1911 .22 clone and all round fun gun, comes in its original case with
all instructions and accessories etc--$395
HAMMERLI "XESSE" .22 NEW Quality entry level guns! Standard---$2095   IPSC---$2195  Sport---$2295    Expert--$2695

ISSC M22 AUSTRIA .22 NEW A quality Austrian built target and plinking gun, very well designed, light and handy, comes
cased with parts and instructions etc Blue---$765   Stainless steel---$825

MATCHGUNS MG2 .22 NEW Standard Pistol mechanical trigger, cased, two magazines, state of the art!---$3065 Example Pic

MATCHGUNS MG2E .22 NEW Standard Pistol electronic trigger, cased, two magazines---$3895

MATCHGUNS MG2R .22 NEW Rapidfire Pistol mechanical trigger, cased, two magazines---$3625

MATCHGUNS MG2RE .22 NEW Rapidfire Pistol electronic trigger, cased, two magazines---$4125

MATCHGUNS .22 Rapid Fire EVO NEW---$3525


MORINI CM22M and RF .22 NEW An outstanding pistol, well balanced, accurate and reliable--$2995  Light weight alloy RF--$3095 Example Pic

MORINI CM84E FREE PISTOL .22 NEW State of the art in electronic free guns!---$3095 Example pic

NORINCO "TT-Olympia" .22 VERY GOOD A solid little no-nonsense all steel pistol great for plinking etc-$165
PIETTA 1873 S/A .22 NEW  4.75" 5.5" and 7.5" barrel lengths. A beautiful gun, first choice for plinking and kids western action! Blue---$745

Info Link

PARDINI SP .22 "SECOND EDITION" NEW Completely redesigned! New trigger new recoil system, grip and sights etc.
A very forgiving and highly competitive Olympic quality pistols.
Standard SP---$3195  
 Example Pic 
Rapid Fire SP
---$3595  Example Pic

Extra .22 mags--$175   Mag loader--$65

PARDINI HP .32 "SECOND EDITION" NEW Completely redesigned! Trigger, recoil system, grip, sights etc a very forgiving and highly
competitive Olympic quality pistol---$3325
Example Pic 

Extra Grips---$465

PARDINI Target Pistol Kits:

STD SPORT PISTOL, 22LR CAL. & CON. 32 S&W  NEW--- $4265  




RAPID FIRE, .22LR CAL. & CON. 32 S&W  NEW--- $4725

STD SPORT PISTOL, 22LR CAL. & CON .22LR Rapid Fire NEW---$4365 


CALIBER CONVERSION KITS. (Barrel, slid and mag only)
Note: .32 and .22 conversion units only fit SP and HP frames made after October 2016
and will not work on models made before that date.


Standard Pistol CONVERSION UNIT NEW---$1495
.22 Rapid fire CONVERSION UNIT NEW---$1795

Prices are a guide, please e-mail me with what you are after and we can make a kit up for you.

A top performer in any company---$3365

RUGER MkIII "Target" .22 ALMOST AS NEW An great first gun or top class plinker! This solid, all steel rimfire comes with scope mount,
Volquartsen trigger and sear all in its original case etc--$795 

Great for silhouette, plinking and target or doing what the name of the gun implies, loads of extras,
a top out fit

RUGER MkIII "HUNTER" .22 ALMOST AS NEW A safe queen that has spent most of its time sleeping...
Comes with Rose wood grips, high visibility adjustable sights and scope mount, all in its original box with accessories and an original
Ruger holster that can also comfortably fit a 1911 colt as well--$845  

RUGER 22/45 Mk III .22 NEW Synthetic stock, great balance a top plinker or sports gun---$685

RUGER SINGLE-SIX .22/.22Mag NEW A classic .22 single action revolver. Great for silhouette & plinking.
  6-1/2in and 9/49" Barrels---$1065  Stainless steel 6-1/2in barrel---$1365

SMITH & WESSON 22A .22 NEW An economical entry level pistol for the new shooter, light and handy---$565

SMITH & WESSON 22A .22 GOOD With a .22 you can shoot almost every match on any pistol clubs calendar with the exception of air pistol and black powder
and the 22A is a great gun for a new shooter to start off with, come with bag--$365
SMITH & WESSON "SW22 VICTORY" .22 NEW Great value for money! Stainless steel frame, 5.5" heavy match barrel, fiber optic front and adjustable rear sights, two ten
shot magazines makes this a great first gun for the new shooter or a fun plinker--$865   Threaded Barrel--$895   Cammo--$825   Extra Mags-$95ea

SMITH & WESSON Model 41 .22  7" and 5.5" NEW A beautifully made rimfire, a real class act in every way. 7"--$2525  5.5"--$2495 Extra mags--$75ea

SMITH & WESSON Model 41 “Performance Centre” .22 NEW An updated, optic ready version of the classic 41 S&W rim fire---$2965  Extra mags--$75ea

SMITH & WESSON Model 41 extra 7" Barrels--$865 (A small amount of fitting will usually be required to make them fully interchangeable and this
should be done by the importers gunsmith.)

SMITH & WESSON Model 17 "MASTERPIECE" .22 NEW A beautiful gun!---$1895 Example Pic

SMITH & WESSON 617 .22 6" or 4" NEW 10 shots of .22 goodness! A high quality, top of the line fun gun, plinker and silhouette killer!---$1625

THOMPSON/CENTER .22 NEW The silhouette killer of choice!---$1365 Example pic  Extra barrels start from---$695

500 .22 NEW A completely reengineered and updated version of the classic Walther--$3665
WALTHER GSP 500 .32 Conversion kit .22 to .32---$2715
Extra GSP 500 mags .22--$110  .32--$245

WALTHER P22Q .22 NEW  Blue---$1265      Nickel---$985

WALTHER PPQ M2 .22 NEW---$1295
WALTHER PPQ .22 Mags---$85ea

* Some pistols, rifles and shotguns, due to their calibre, action, barrel length, mag capacity or year of manufacture etc can
only be acquired with a specific collectors, industry or Hi-caliber permit etc, contact your states
firearm registry for details.
If you purchase a gun that you find you are not allowed to poses, sorry but there will be no refund.

Info link
Rugged and dependable adjustable sights for
almost all brands of pistols and revolvers.

Fiber optic, partridge, regular, sight sets etc.
From $115 

Knobloch Shooting Glasses:

Contact me for a quote.

My NEW gun prices are fairly accurate but because of the fluctuating dollar and sometimes my clumsiness, it's always a good idea to get an updated quote.

ALPHA-PROJECT  .22 .32  .38/.357 NEW High quality revolvers. Call for prices and availability of all models. .32 Blue--$1395
Stainless steel--$1495

ALPHA-PROJECT "COMBAT" 9mm NEW An all new high quality entry and advanced level semi auto. Lightweight polymer frame with
enhanced ergonomics, single and double action, fully adjustable LPA rear sights, integrated picatinny rail and comes with one 10 round double stack
magazine interchangeable with the CZ-75--$795

BAIKAL MP-446C "VIKING" 9mm AS NEW This little used, polymer framed "safe queen" comes with six mags in its original box--$965
A solid, steel framed gun that has been fired very rarely and spent most of its time asleep at the back
of the safe, comes with six mags--$1175

BERETTA 92S 9mm NEW One of the best 9mm around, a top performer with a proven track-record---$1395   

BERETTA 92FS "Inox" 9mm NEW Stainless steel version of the gun above---$1325

BERETTA 92 A1 9mm NEW Very similar to the other 92s but with a handy attachment point for laser/lights etc---$1225
BERETTA Mags---$125ea


State of the art in competition hand guns!
Call for a quote.

CHIAPPA "RHINO" .357 mag  NEW A remarkable firearm if there ever was one! I have one of these guns myself and its not just a pretty
conversation piece but a very competitive revolver in every respect!
  60DS 6" chrome--$1985    60DS 5" Chrome--$1985
60DS 6" Black--$1995  60DS 5" Black--$1795 
So how does the Rhino work?  MPG 
Colt "Python" 2020 model! .357 NEW
All new production of the classic colt revolver, and about time too! 4" & 6"--$3595 Example picture

Canik SFX Rival and Dark Rival 9mm NEW State of the art in synthetic auto pistols--$1565 Example picture
Extra Canik mags--$75ea

CZ info link

CZ 75 SP-O1 Shadow 2 9mm NEW Comes with recoil buffers, improved trigger, adjustable sights two mags etc--$2495 Example pic

CZ 75 SP-O1 Shadow 9mm VERY GOOD This gun comes complete with adjustable sights, JR belt with inner, Ghost holster, 7 seven mag
holders with seven mags, four sets of grips and a worked match trigger and comes in its original case etc--$995  
CZ 75 SP-O1 Shadow 2 "Optic Ready" 9mm NEW CZ have taken their already top notch Shadow 2 to the next level with this all
new optic ready model--$2795

CZ 75 SP-01 9mm TARGET NEW A top notch IPSC or Serves gun, comes cased with four mags etc---$1865
CZ 75 SP-01 "Accu-Shadow" NEW---$2195

CZ P-10F 9mm NEW An outstanding striker fire gun, available in all states other than NSW due to magazine restrictions--$1195
CZ 75 TS "CZECHMATE" 9mm NEW This top class competitor is ready to rock and roll! It comes fully cased with extra barrels, spare parts,
tools, C-MORE red dot scope and instructional CD and heaps more!---$6795

CZ 75 "TACTICAL SPORTS" .40 & .357 NEW An outstanding competition pistol in every way!---$2665

CZ 75B "Omega" 9mm NEW A proven performer, solid, dependable and accurate!---$985

CZ 75B "NEW EDITION" 9mm NEW One of the most hansom pistols there is! Cased with two mags etc---$1125

CZ 85 "COMBAT" 9mm NEW Adjustable sights, ambidextrous slide release etc Dependable and very accurate---$985

CZ Mags---$75ea    Mag pouches---$45ea   Blade-Tec holster---$105  

.22 conversion unit for the CZ SP-O1---$725

Do CZ Pistols shoot? Yes they do!                           CZ Info Link

P08 DWM "LUGER" 9mm EXCELLENT This is an undated, probably pre WWI DWM P08 in top shooting
condition, it has matching numbers and a 128mm after-market barrel with adjustable front sight so it Ok for category
"H" club use, "finish is about 95%. A great gun for the shooting collector--$2195

DESERT EAGLE .357 .44 NEW The gun every true wanker should call his own! (That's why I have two; I mean geeezz, I couldn't be this silly and have just one...)
The desert eagle was originally advertised (in America of course) in the 80s as a super gun of some kind with melodramatic pictures of stealthy Navy Seals and FBI
and/or CIA men in cheap three piece suits drawing them from holsters with very serious and determined  looks on their mustachioed faces in all sorts of exiting situations.
New guns are currently available in all manner of finishes from classic black phosphate to gold, nickel and tiger strips etc.
They are in fact, over engineered, heavy, cumbersome not particularly accurate and an awful lot of fun.
Big bold and beautiful the mighty desert eagle has always been and always will be the gold standard of wankerdom!
Brushed chrome--$3495    Black--$2765 Example pics

BABY DESERT EAGLE Model 3 9mm NEW A top preforming all steel gun, comes cased with two mags etc--$995

GLOCK 34 Gen 5 MOS 9mm NEW--$1465

Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS 9mm NEW--$1265

GLOCK 17A Gen 4 9mm NEW
A great all-rounder! Comes with 2 mags, carry case etc---$1065
GLOCK 17 9mm Full Size
GEN 5  NEW 114mm barrel--$1225

GLOCK 19 9mm compact
GEN5  NEW 102mm barrel--$1225

The .380 version of the 9mm X-Caliber. Low recoil, very accurate, great for 25m serves, cased with four mags--$1595
GRAND POWER LP380 .380 NEW ON CONSIGNMENT A great gun for those who want a low recoiling, full size 25m serves gun, cased with 2 mags etc--$895
GRAND POWER mags---$75ea     GRAND POWER Adjustable rear sight---$165

N.B. at present there is no new production of Manurhin revolvers, hopefully this will change next year. 

MANURHIN MR 73 Match .32 or .38 Special NEW The prince of revolvers! Single action only .32 S&W Long (6” barrel) or 38 Special (5 3/4”barrel) designed specifically
for ISSF Centrefire competition---$4395

MANURHIN MR 73 Sport .357 mag  .38 Special NEW barrels either 6", 5 1/4" & 4” suited for Service Pistol, WA1500, CISM, Centre fire etc.
The MR73 Sport has the shortest hammer throw 42° and both the hammer energy and the trigger weight are independently adjustable by the shooter--$3895

MANURHIN MR 88 Sport SX  .357 Magnum .38 Special NEW  6 shot revolver available with either a  5&1/4” or a 6” barrel, adjustable sights---$2465

MANURHIN 9mm Conversion Cylinders for MR 73 Sport NEW
Converts your .357/38 to the 9mm semi auto round--$1095

MATCHGUNS MG4 .32 NEW Centerfire Pistol, mechanical trigger, cased, two magazines---$3495 Info Link

MTS ARMS 96C .380 NEW ON CONSIGNMENT* The 96C is a remarkable, rotating barrel, sub-compact, striker-fire gun of modern "Glock" type design and
there are only a handfull of these ultra rare firearms in Australia! It comes cased with original holster, two mags (serialized to the gun) and instructions etc--$925

Completely redesigned! Trigger, recoil system, grip, sights etc a very forgiving and highly
competitive Olympic quality pistol. Mechanical Trigger---$3295
Example Pic   
.22 Rapid fire CONVERSION UNIT NEW---$1595

PARDINI GT9 9mm NEW These solid high quality firearms have fully and easily adjustable triggers, great sights, feel great in the hand and "point" naturally.
The Pardini GT9 is the Ferrari of 9mm pistols! 
Black 5"--$3665   Silver 5"--$3495    Black 6"--$3925  Silver 6"--$3995    Extra mags--$195 

PARDINI GT45 .45ACP* NEW  GT45-5B 5"  Black--$3625  GT45-5S 5" Silver--$3725  GT45II-6B 6"  Black--$3865  GT45II-6S 5" Silver--$3985

PIETTA 1873 S/A .357/38 .44-40 .45LC NEW  A beautiful gun, first choice for western action! Stainless-$1195  Blue-$1095

PIETTA 1873 S/A .357/38
7" AS NEW UNFIRED! Pietta made a batch of these high quality guns for the Charles Daly Co of New York and this one somehow
found its way here. Its in immaculate unfired condition and comes with case and instructions--$865

RUGER Info Link

RUGER GP100 .357 Mag NEW As solid a .357 as you could want! 4" and 6"--$1695    6" 7 Shot model--$1765

RUGER GP100 .357 Mag GOOD A nice honest gun with glassy barrel and Pachmayr grips hi-visibility front sight and adjustable rear
the trigger seems to have been modified to give a very nice single action let off, comes cased--$595   

RUGER "SUPER" GP100 .357 Mag NEW--$2695

s/steel or blue, trigger lock, case etc--Blue or S/S $1425

RUGER "BLACKHAWK" .357 Mag NEW s/steel or blue, trigger lock, case---$1385

RUGER "HUNTER" .44 MAG* NEW  Another top notch silhouette gun---$1100

RUGER "REDHAWK" .44 MAG* NEW A silhouette killer with a vengeance! 7.5" Barrel---$1665   9.5" Barrel---$1665

RUGER "SUPER REDHAWK" .44 MAG NEW 7.5 & 9.5" Barrels---$1885 

S&W Info Link
The listings below are a fairly accurate guide of prices you can
expect to pay, always call me for an up to date quote.
N.B. There is only one official factory importer of S&W Pistols and that is Grycol International.

SMITH & WESSON 460XVR .460 S&W Mag NEW*This is for the man who has every thing, or not enough... Truly, this is the (second) biggest thing I've ever held in my hand!
I mean this is biggest, meanest chunk of steel there is! This things bigger than Godzilla on steroids and meaner than Mr King Kong trying to pass a kidney stone!
The mighty S&W .460mag makes Dirty Harry's .44 it's bitch and takes lesser calibers roughly from behind without apology...!
It's a genuine, sure fire, wrist bust'n, ear splitt'n, silhouette kill'n monster! Comes fully cased with all accessories etc.
Who says size doesn't matter! 8.38"---$2595    Performance Center 7.5"---$3195
Example Pic

SMITH & WESSON 460XVR-14*  Performance Center NEW 14 inches of .460 five shoted, bi-poded, compensated goodness!
Same as the XVR above only BIGGER!!-$2895
Example Pic

SMITH & WESSON Model 610 10mm 6.5" NEW--$1995

SMITH & WESSON SW500* NEW 6"--$2075    7.5" Performance Center--$2485    10.5" Performance Center--$2495 Example Pictures

SMITH & WESSON Model 29 Classic 4" & 6 ½" .44 Mag* Blue NEW In a word, magnificent!* NEW---$1965

SMITH & WESSON 629 .44 Mag* 4" and 6" Barrels NEW A top notch big bore! Solid, accurate and dependable---$1695

SMITH & WESSON 929 "Performance Center Model" 7.5" .44 Mag* NEW Dirty harry would be proud!--$2425

SMITH & WESSON M629 "Hunter" 7.5" Bbl PC .44 Mag* NEW Comes with 1x30 UTG Tactical sight and bag etc
A magnificent
piece of artillery! --$2565

SMITH & WESSON 625 .45ACP* 4" NEW---$2065  

SMITH & WESSON 929 9mm NEW 8 shots of 9mm goodness!---$2195

SMITH & WESSON 986 9mm NEW---$1765

SMITH & WESSON "Governor"  .410 2 1/2" shot shells .45 ACP or .45 Colt* NEW Big gun heaps of fun!--$1495

SMITH & WESSON M27 4" & 6.5" .357/38 NEW A top quality revolver, sturdy and accurate. 4"--$1925  6.5"--$1995

SMITH & WESSON M&PR8 .357/38 NEW 8 shots of .357 magnum goodness! Drilled and taped for a scope, Picatinny
type rail for a laser or light etc---$2165    TRR8 "Performance Center"--$2295

SMITH & WESSON Model 66 .357 4.3/4" barrel current manufacture NEW---$1625

SMITH & WESSON Model 19 Classic .357 mag NEW A beautiful gun in every respect---$1595 

SMITH & WESSON M627 "V-Comp" .357 NEW A great 8 shot compensated centre-fire in sexy two tone finish!-$3065

SMITH & WESSON 586 .357 NEW An updated version of one of the best .357s ever made, class all the way! 4" and 6" barrels--$1625

SMITH & WESSON 686 "Plus Pro Series" .357/.38 NEW 5" barrel, 7 capacity of .357 Magnum goodness!---$1795

SMITH & WESSON 686 .357/.38 NEW One of the most versatile and competitive revolvers there is!
Can be used in numerous matches from centre fire to silhouette to IPSC, service and action match etc or with the 4in barrel 25 meter service.
A great all rounder! 6in or 4in barrels---$1595     686 "Plus" 7 Shots of .357/38 goodness!  6in or 4in barrels---$1695

SMITH & WESSON 686 DLX .357 NEW Seven (7) shots of .357 joy!--$1665

SMITH & WESSON 686 "INTERNATIONAL" .357/.38 NEW  A beautiful wheel gun in every respect--$1595 Example

SMITH & WESSON 686 "INTERNATIONAL" .357/.38 ALMOST AS NEW Used but very well cared for, comes in its original case
with accessories etc--

SMITH & WESSON 686 "WEIGHTED BARREL" .357/.38 NEW A top competitor in every respect!---$2665

SMITH & WESSON 686 .357 VERY GOOD! This well cared for customized gun has had its trigger, hammer and action expertly smoothed and tuned,
the 6" barrel is nice and bright and has been fitted with match-grade rear adjustable sights, it comes cased with all its original extras and 4 jet loaders--$995

SMITH & WESSON 686-6 "PERFORMANCE CENTER" .357/38 NEW 4" VERY SEXY! Perfect for the serious 25m serves shooter!--$1765

SMITH & WESSON 686 SSR .357/.38 NEW A hansom gun great for the 25 meter serves match---$1785

SMITH & WESSON M627-5 .357/.38 NEW An outstanding revolver! It comes cased with instructions etc.
Eight shots of .357 magnum goodness!--$2295

SMITH & WESSON "M&P9L" VERY GOOD Used but not abused this competitive S&W 9mm comes with JR belt with inner, six mag holders
with eight mags, fixed rear sight and interchangeable grip inserts in its original case etc--$695  
SMITH & WESSON "M&P Pro" & C.O.R.E 9mm NEW 5" barrel a great IPSC gun and top all-rounder. Chosen by the
Victorian police department as there standard side arm! M&P Pro---$1295   C.O.R.E---$1495  Ported barrel--$1525    Extra mags--$95ea

SMITH & WESSON M&P M2.0 "PERFORMANCE CENTER" 9mm NEW Ported barrel & slid, optics ready--$1565
SMITH & WESSON "Shield" 9mm NEW*
A high quality sub compact semi-auto--$765

SMITH & WESSON 1911 Performance Centre .45 ACP NEW* ---$2795

SMITH & WESSON 1911 Pro Series 9mm NEW---$2795
                               Other S&W models are available, please phone for a quote

P226-22 NITRON .22 NEW  A .22LR version of the Classic P226--$ 
P320 NITRON 9mm .357SIG NEW (Not available in NSW due to magazine restrictions) The P320 Full-Size is a modern, top class striker-fired
pistol perfect for serves pistol etc--$

P320 RX 9mm NEW The next level of striker-fired modularity with a slide-mounted, "ROMEO1" reflex optic sight--$
P320 X-FIVE 9mm NEW The flagship of the 320 X-Series and the pinnacle for competition or every-day range use right out of the box--$
The listings below are a fairly accurate guide of prices you can
expect to pay, always call me for an up to date quote.

TANFOGLIO XL4 .38 Super NEW Same as the XL2 but in .38 super and .40 S&W---$1265

TANFOGLIO "STOCK II XTREME" 9mm NEW A well thought out and highly competitive pistol, cased with four mags---$3195

Cased with four mags and alloy bumpers with fibre optic front sight,
 two tone etc etc-$2275

TANFOGLIO "Gold Match" Hard Chrome 9mm & .38 Super NEW
An outstanding pistol for IPSC etc! It comes with hard case, 2 mags,
full instructions, every thing you would expect from a quality product!---$2895   

TANFOGLIO "Gold Match Xtreame" 9mm & .38 Super Cased with 4 mags etc NEW---$3395

TANFOGLIO "RAPTOR" .45-70 NEW Are you man enough? Tough enough? Rough enough? Bloody nuts enough?-$2195

TANFOGLIO "Limited Custom" 9mm & .38 Super NEW
A beautiful competition gun, reliable and accurate with 2 mags!--$2665

TANFOGLIO "Limited Custom Xtreme" 9mm .38 Super Comes with fully cased with 4 mags etc NEW--$3725 
TANFOGLIO "Eric Gold Custom 2010" NEW---$4165

Other TANFOGLIO models are available, please phone for a quote.

TISAS "Zigana Sport" 9mm ALMOST AS NEW This sophisticated, little used safe queen comes with a ported barrel,
adjustable sights in its original box etc--$665
THOMPSON/CENTER "Encore" 15" Barrel, NEW Blue .233 to .45/70 & .45/410 etc  From---$1495  Stainless Steel---$1565
Extra barrels start from---$725

WALTHER GSP 500 .32 NEW A completely reengineered and updated version of the classic Walther--$4295
WALTHER GSP 500  Conversion kits .32 to .22 ---$2365
Extra GSP 500 mags .22--$110  .32--$245

WALTHER PDP Full Size and Compact models in 9mm NEW--$1565


WALTHER PPQ Q5 "MATCH CHAMPION" 9mm NEW State of the art and highly competitive, this great semi-auto comes
cased with hi-vis front and adjustable rear sights, interchangeable sight bases for red dot sights
etc three mags with loader and
adjustable back strap, a top performer in any company! Steel frame---$3125   Polymer frame--$2495  SF Black Ribbon edition--$3695
WALTHER PPQ 9mm Mags---$125ea

BLACK POWDER. RPG "Shooting the .67 "Dog Lock"

PEDERSOLI "Kentucky Pistol" .45  NEW Very Danial Boon and very accurate with the rite load.
Lots of smelly black powder fun
! Percussion or flint--$1125

PEDERSOLI "MANG IN GRAZ MATCH .38 NEW High precision, single shot, set trigger, heavy barrel---$3325

PIETTA 1851 NAVY .44 and .36 5" and 7.5" NEW A beautiful repro of a classic gun---$625

PIETTA 1858 REMINGTON NEW ARMY "TARGET" .36 & .44 NEW Stainless steel, adjustable sights-$995  

PIETTA 1858 REMINGTON NEW ARMY .44 NEW Same as above but without the adjustable sights. Blue--$665  Stainless Steel--$765

Big is beautiful! Classic black powder hand guns!-$865
Dragoon   Walker

Be aware most NEW air pistols only come with one cylinder nowadays.

FWB P8X .177 NEW An all new Feinwerkbau with all new features, compact and long models--$3195   http://www.feinwerkbau.de/highlight2016#Englisch
FWB Cylinders NEW---$315

HAMMERLI AP 20 "Match" .177 NEW A great entry level pistol with ever thing you need to train up for master grade-$1695 Example pic

HAMMERLI AP 20 "Pro Match" .177 NEW The more sophisticated version of the AP 20 with medium adjustable walnut grip and other features--$1995
Large grip is available on special order.

MATCHGUNS MGH1 Light .177 NEW A modern high performance gun, comes with ambit grip and fully cased---$2565   Extra orthopaedic grip--$425   

MATCHGUNS MGH1 .177 NEW Mechanical Trigger---$2565  Electronic Trigger---$2965

MORINI 200EI .177 NEW---$3765

MORINI CM 162 EI .177 NEW Electronic trigger. A top competitor in every respect, well balanced and reliable it comes
cased with instructions and tools etc a great investment in your sport
. Short and long models---$3165 Example pic

PARDINI K12 .177 NEW Beautifully balanced and well thought out, a top competitor---$3195 Example pic

PARDINI K12 "Junior" .177 NEW---$3195

STEYR LP50 .177 5 shot Mechanical trigger NEW With a 5 shot magazine this is a great gun for the air pistol match and training for
standard pistol and rapid fire etc
  (Compact model available on special order.)

The best technology, proven quality! Full size or compact--$3125   
example pics

STEYR EVO10E .177 NEW The best of the world with electronic trigger! Full size or compact---$3465

STEYR LP2 .177 NEW---$2365

Extra Steyr cylinders--$295

WALTHER LP500 .177 NEW Mechanical triggers Match--$2325   Expert--$3165  Fine Craftsmanship (Electronic trigger)--$3895
Extra Carbon cylinders for LP500--$695


* Some pistols, rifles and shotguns, due to their calibre, action, barrel length, mag capacity or year of manufacture etc can
only be acquired with a specific collectors, industry or Hi-caliber permit etc, contact your states
firearm registry for details.
If you purchase a gun that you find you are not allowed to poses, sorry but there will be no refund.


If you contact me trying to obtain a firearm illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass
them on to the Police!

Do you have a gun or militaria that's Surplus to your needs?
Did grand dad forget to pop into the Q store before rejoining Civie street?
Perhaps there's something stuck in the shed or buried away that you probably
shouldn't have around any more?
Regardless of type, calibre, make, category (A, B, C, D, H)
or even if it's not registered,
 give me a call and lets see if we can turn it into $$$

Office Hours
  9.00 AM - 6.00 PM

PHONE: (02) 99705872
MOB: 0413996795

N.B. I do not respond to SMS

Please read my sales policy to make things easier for all and please take note,

1: Very sorry, I don't do lay-buys.
2: I do not stock spare parts, ammunition or reloading components.
I won't respond to a shopping list containing 10-20 items or SMS messages.
  4: Please keep it short and to the point as I won't respond to long winded rambling e-mails
or open-ended enquiries such as, "What sort of .22s are around?"
I also need the make and model number of the items you want or I can't do an accurate quote.

5: Sorry but I don't take extra photographs of firearms.
6: I don't export outside Australia.
If you are trying to obtain a firearm illegally read the
warning above and in
My Sales Policy.
Police have been known to monitor dealers emails...
 8: If I don't answer within 24 hours it usually means I'm waiting for a response
from an importer or you haven't read or understood the above.
Grumpy bugger aren't I!

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