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I Never Have Stock On Hand!
All firearms are  stored with another dealer
under secure 24/7 guard at another location.

All comings and goings of people and vehicles are
remote monitored and recorded 24/7

If you're stupid enough to contact me trying to obtain a firearms, parts or accessories illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass them on to the Police!
I've invested to much into this business to risk it all for a few crooked bucks!

Some pictures are examples only and there may be variations in finish, sights, grips, serial numbers and accessories etc.

My Sales Policy.
If you purchase any item from RPG you are in agreement with
my sales policies. Remember, my shop, my rules...



BSA Cadet .310 GOOD This classic collectors gun has a few dings in the stock and some light surface rust but also a good bright
and very shootable barrel

NEW Are you a "Stormtrooper" on a budget? An "Oberschutze" with an over draft or a "Reichskokarde" in the red? Then the JW-25A is for you Kameraden! Manufactured by our fraternal brothers and sisters in faraway China this is a handsome recreation of the classic German K98, it will even mount an original
bayonet or any modern scope and because of its heft its VERY stable and VERY accurate, great for the SSAA small-bore service match.
Mein Gott i
Himmel it just screams, "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer!" Start annexing your Sudetenland today!

BSA 1902 LE Mk1* .303 VERY GOOD This great old gun has been modified for range use, it has a bright sharp barrel and "Central" rear sight plate
and an unusual tunnel front sight and with the exception of the top wood, seems to be in its original stock--$695

Visit our website:
18th Battalion Memorial Rifle Club.


FINNISH M65 NBC SUITS Unissued Great for Fishing, hunting, camping or just keep one in the car for the unexpected...
Very collectable, about 1980s vintage. This enchanting ensemble will keep you fashionably dry and warm during the most torrential toxic downpours. Be the envy of your mutating friends and the centre of attention in all the trendiest fallout shelters, or you could just walk around your local shopping centre with a bull horn shouting, "Please do not be alarmed, remain calm, there is no need for panic....!"
The material is light, tough and resilient. It come with separate over gloves and boots, pants and jacket, one size fits all, very limited stock.
Helmet, gasmask and son not included---$45        

Australian Cartridge Display Company.

Your chance to own a uniquely Australian display of
 24 military, pistol and sporting rifle cartridges.
Go to Australian Cartridge Display Co for more information.

Automatic Internal and External
Surveillance Camera Systems.
Once the motion detector is triggered the camera will instantly send notifications and
snapshots to 5 email address and a live video stream to your mobile phone!
Go to Camera Systems for more information.

No Gun smithing scope mounts for
SMLE No1-Mk3 and Enfield No4-Mk1,2,5

SMLE No1-Mk3                                No4-Mk1,2,5       

Great if you don't want to ruin the original finish and configuration of
your rifle with ugly drill and tap holes but still want to mount a scope.
Made of tough T6 aluminium bar and shaped on a CAD machine (not moulded or cast) these
high quality scope mounts will last a life time!
Uses Weaver type rings comes with tool and simple to follow instructions.
Price includes post direct to you---$75
Go to
Scope Mounts for more information.

MAUSER 98 .22-308 Barreled action VERY GOOD The barrel and drilled and tapped action are in top condition, the owner just
lost interest in the project--$225

MAUSER 1896 .303-25 VERY GOOD This sporter was made by "Deutsche Waffen-Und Munitionsfabriken. Berlin" and rebarreled with a stainless Sprinter
barrel by Bill Marden. It comes topped with a Bushmaster 6x40 scope on steel mounts and rings and the bore is bright with sharp rifling.
It also comes with 100 new case and dies--$495

PLAINFIELD M1 .30 ALMOST AS NEW A solid and handy little cat "D" rifle, it comes with a 1.75-5 X 20 scope---$785

TO3 (TOZ) 8M VERY GOOD This solid single shot .22 was made in the days of the glorious USSR! "Is strong like Ox, smart like tractor!"--$175

WEBLEY "JUNIOR" .177 VERY GOOD One for the collectors out there. Made in the late 1940s-1950s this beautiful little air gun is in original condition
with a very low serial number, 867---$125

"Belgium Bulldog" .320 VERY GOOD This great little pocket gun is a bit of a rarity as it comes fitted with a lever safety and intact lanyard ring, it is also in
solid working condition having good grips, most of its nickel finish, barrel and lock up. It was apparently made by "Lirebo d' ArmesazFell ML" (?) and would not
be out of place in the pocket of someone skulking around the back streets of Paris, Berlin, London or Prague at the turn of the last century--$225

COLT "Police Positive" .32 from "Walter Locke & Co Ltd of Calcutta & Lahore" (Google them) EXCELLENT A beautiful little revolver retaining
about 70% of its original finish, tight lock up and very clean throughout, if only it could talk...-$865  

COLT "Police Positive" .32 EXCELLENT A beautiful, very little used .32 revolver in immaculate, bright, sharp condition--$865

FN "Special" .22 FAIR A firearm of great old world charm, lovingly crafted somewhere in the mystical outback of our great Australian continent!
From the elegant sweep of its custom made grip to the delicate hand tooling of the
genuine rawhide holster, this is a rare jewel of the
rustic gun makers art, a true joy to behold; a precious item only the most discerning of collectors would appreciate.
Would I lie, trust me I'm a gun dealer...
Ok! Ok! It's a crappy old FN .22 rifle some Cocky some where made into a pistol!---$95  
WARNING! Before you rampage gleefully towards your old rifles with hacksaw in hand be aware that the powers that be frown mightily upon people shortening firearms so unless you want to end up playing mammas and poppers with Jamal and Crusher at one of her majesties fine holiday homes for wayward citizens, make sure you have a pistol licence (Cat H) and that gun is reregistered as such and always check with your states firearms registry and believe me claiming that you were only making "Contemporary Australiana" won't cut the mustard with the Beak!

HUSQVARNA 1906 9mm Browning Long EXCELLENT A beautiful gun in beautiful, original condition!---$1125

MAUSER C96 "RED 9" Repro grips NEW---$85

SMITH & WESSON "Lady Smith" .38 VERY GOOD* Apart from a small blemish on the frame this very rare five shot gun is
in great condition and comes with extra grips---$825

TOKAREV TT-33 7.62 X 25 VERY GOOD* This 1945 gun has been FTR at some point in its history then put in storage, comes with extra mag--$625  Example pic
This gun has a bit of history behind it. It was made from parts left over from the war for the French
who sent it to indo china and sports rare metal grips. A worthy addition to any P38 collection and comes with two mags and holster--$895
Post war civilian Walther PP in top condition--$825

WALTHER PPK .22 *GOOD A hard to come by post war Walther PPK in sound shooting condition and comes in case--$865

WALTHER P1 9mm EXCELLENT A great example of the post war P38 It has a set of beautiful KN grips as well as its originals, extra mag and bag-$895

* Some pistols/rifles due to there calibre, action, barrel length, mag capacity or year of manufacture etc can only be acquired with a specific collectors permit, contact your states
firearm registry for details.
If you purchase a gun that you find you are not allowed to poses sorry but there will be no refund.




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If you contact me to try to obtain a firearm illegally be warned,
I log those calls and e-mails and pass
them on to the Police!

Do you have a gun or militaria that's Surplus to your needs?
Did grand dad forget to pop into the Q store before rejoining Civie street?
Perhaps there's something stuck in the shed or buried away that you probably
shouldn't have around any more?
Regardless of type, calibre, make, category (A, B, C, D, H)
or even if it's not registered,
 give me a call and lets see if we can turn it into $$$

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N.B. I do not respond to SMS

Please read my sales policy to make things easier for all and please take note,

1: Very sorry, I don't do lay-buys.
2: I do not stock spare parts, ammunition or reloading components.
I won't respond to a shopping list containing 10-20 items or SMS messages.
  4: Please keep it short and to the point as I won't respond to long winded rambling e-mails
or open-ended enquiries such as, "What sort of .22s are around?"
I also need the make and model number of the items you want or I can't do an accurate quote.

5: Sorry but I don't take extra photographs of firearms.
6: I don't export outside Australia.
If you are trying to obtain a firearm illegally read the
warning above and in
My Sales Policy.
 8: If I don't answer within 24 hours it usually means I'm waiting for a response
from an importer or you haven't read or understood the above.
Grumpy bugger aren't I!

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* Some pistols/rifles due to there calibre, action, barrel length, mag capacity or year of manufacture can only be acquired with a specific collectors permit,
 contact your states firearm registry for details.